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      Shandong Huayun New Material Co.,Ltd.


      SKYPE : huayun-eunice

      Talent concept

      Virtue equals ability. Huayun think highly of staff’s ability, but we pay more attention to people's morality than his ability. Our company adheres to the principle of choosing personnel with virtue and ability.

      Our company has fair transparent promotion system. Every staff has the right to take part in the election. When we have vacant positions, we will announce to all staffs in a notice. Then we submit applications. With all the applications, we will hold an elect meeting among the whole company. In the meeting, every one has one vote. The person with most votes wins the position. Huayun also has ingenious salary system. The salary our company provides is competitive in the same industry.

      To outstanding staffs and team, Huayun will organize them to outdoors to tourist for free. In order to gratitude to staffs, our company will also organize parents of outstanding staffs to China’s capital Beijing to have a travel.

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