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      Shandong Huayun New Material Co.,Ltd.


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      【Salary Theory】
      Huayun provides dynamic salary management mechanism that same person in different post with different salary, different person in same post with different salary, same post and same person with floated salary, to build an open, fair, just and clear competitive salary system.
      【Salary Structure】
      Huayun provides post wage, various subsidies, monthly performance salary and annual benefit wage to employees, in addition, provides other flexible and variable encouragement policy to business operation personnel and research and development personnel.
      【Characteristic Salary】
      Corporate culture also reflected in salary and welfare, especially the core culture -- Filial Piety.
      Wage provide to parents: Staffs’ parents may enjoy 200-500 RMB/ month.
      【Welfare Treatment】
      Insurance and Housing Fund: Huayun provides endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds to employees according to national legislation.
      Subsidies for Car Purchases: Huayun encourages middle-level and upper professional technical personnel, managerial and administrative personnel to purchase, and provides subsidies for full payment by stages.
      Post subsidies: To fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all kinds of professional staffs, Huayun arranges four routes to improve staffs’ ability including administration, technician, mechanic and management, and provides post subsidies range from 110 to 5500 RMB/month according to the grade.
      Holiday: Staffs may have paid vacation, marriage leave and home leave etc., and the travel expenses for home leave will be reimbursed.
      Welfare Benefits: Huayun provides rich and generous welfares, and organizes colorful sporting and recreational activities.
      Collective Apartment: To provide a good logistical support service, Huayun provides dormitories with air conditioner, bathroom, and also provides guesthouse, restaurant and infirmary etc.
      Entertainment: Huayun has library, table tennis room, basketball court and tennis court, etc. to enrich employees’ spare time.

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